The International Film Studies Assistance Program (IFSAP) is a program of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) that supports Filipino filmmakers who want to be more exposed to the best filmmaking practices of other countries. A program for Filipino talents who make waves internationally. FDCP believes in the importance of collaboration, hence encourages more Filipino filmmakers to discover various opportunities by participating in international film study programs, labs, and workshops.


A Filipino filmmaker who has been accepted as a participant in established international film studies programs, film, and talent labs, and registered at the FDCP National Registry for Audiovisual Workers: Click Here

Eligible applicants to the program can avail of the following types of financial assistance:


Open to all eligible Filipino filmmakers who applied and got accepted in internationally recognized film programs, labs, and workshops.

Eligible applicants may qualify for a P30,000.00 financial assistance to cover all qualified expenses incurred during the program. Applicants can avail of the IFSAP STANDARD up to two (2) times a year.

Grantees under IFSAP-Standard may utilize the grant for the following expenses:

  1. Travel support may be extended provided that it considers the allowable amount of expenses under IFSAP Standard. For airfare, tickets must be in ECONOMY CLASS.

  2. Participation fee within the limits of the allowable amount

  3. Visa and Passport Application fees


A support program open to all eligible Filipino filmmakers who applied and got accepted to an FDCP-Partnered International Film Festival/Studies Organization.

Eligible applicants may be granted travel or financial support not exceeding P100,000.00 upon approval of their request. Applicants can avail of the IFSAP PARTNERS once a year only.

Grantees under IFSAP-Partners may utilize the grant for the following expenses:

  1. Round-trip international airfare from Manila to the host country may be extended to the grantee. Provided that it must be ECONOMY CLASS tickets and in consideration of the allowable monetary grant

  2. Other travel expenses (i.e travel taxes, in-land transportation, airport transport

  3. Participation fee within the limits of the allowable amount

  4. Visa and Passport Application fees



A. Passport Application/Renewal Assistance

FDCP may assist qualified Filipino filmmakers in the application or renewal of their passport through the provision of Letter of Endorsement to have access to courtesy lanes if needed. It must be noted that approval is still at the discretion of the agency concerned.

B. Visa Application Assistance

FDCP may assist in the Visa Application of qualified filmmakers by issuing visa endorsements if needed. However, the visa approval is still at the discretion of the Embassy concerned.

C. Certificate of Nationality

For Film projects/Production Companies

1. For Film projects/Production Companies

  • FDCP may provide a Certificate of Nationality to filmmakers if required by the host country. Provided it passed the Cultural Test administered by the FDCP. The Cultural Test is done to evaluate the filmmaker, production company, and the project.

2. For Filmmakers

  • FDCP may provide a Certificate of Nationality to Filipino Filmmakers if required by the host country. Provided he/she presented Civil Registry and other Filipino identification documents.

3. Philippine Embassy or Consulate Support

  • FDCP, with its partnership with Philippine posts abroad, encourages our embassies and consulates to support selected and qualified Filipino filmmakers during their stay in the host countries.

4. Publicity and Promotion.

  • FDCP may support qualified filmmakers by promoting their projects and their participation at international labs in FDCP social media pages.

IFSAP is available to Filipino filmmakers who have been accepted as participants in established international film studies programs, film, and talent labs.

1. The individual must be a member of the FDCP National Registry.

  • If not yet a member, the individual can apply for membership via the FDCP website or through [email protected].

2. The individual must have a clear record with the FDCP.

  • Must not have outstanding clearance issues from all other types of FDCP assistance programs.

3. Must be able to render a Return Service (from their previous grant) as stated in the Memorandum of Agreement before the approval of the succeeding grant requests. (This is not applicable to first time IFSAP grantees).



All digital copies of the following:

  1. FDCP National Registry Membership ID/Certificate:

    a) NREF (for events and festivals) Registration link: (click here)

    b) NRAW (for film and audio-visual workers) Registration link: (click here)

  2. Accomplished Application Form (FD-IFSAP Form No.1)

  3. Official letter of invitation or email confirmation from the International Program organizers

  4. Film Project Briefer

  5. Background & Briefer of the Program/Study and the Film Market involved

  6. Updated Curriculum Vitae

  7. Passport

  8. Two (2) valid government IDs

  9. Visa (if applicable)

  10. Clearance Certification from previous FDCP assistance availed (If applicable. Note that if this is the individual’s first IFSAP application, clearance will not be required)

  1. SUBMISSION OF REQUIREMENTS. The application requirements must be submitted via email within seven (7) to ten (10) working days after receipt of the confirmation letter or notice from the festival. Send applications to the following:

    Ms. Rica Leticia Arevalo, Head, Education Divison - [email protected]
    Ms. Joyce Vedasto, Program Officer, Education Division - [email protected]

    Note: Applications made AFTER the completion of the studies and market will not be accepted.


    Once all requirements have met, the FDCP Technical Committee will evaluate the application. During the evaluation, the committee may require further details if deemed necessary. The evaluation process may take 7-14 working days from the time of submission of COMPLETE Application requirements.


    Upon approval of the application, the proponent commits to comply with all post-program requirements to receive financial assistance. The wet-ink signed MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT between FDCP and the GRANTEE indicates the commitment of both parties to the program and this must be finalized before the start of the study program.

1. FD-IFSAP Form No. 2 - Comprehensive Program/Study Report

  • Official Receipts of travel expenses (digital copy and physical copies)

  • Festival Badge (digital copy)

  • Photo documentation

2. FD-IFSAP Form No. 3 - Accounting and Liquidation Report

  • If receipts are in foreign currency, please provide the Currency Exchange Rate during the time of payment

  • Reference Link from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will be provided

3. FD-IFSAP Form No. 4 - IFSAP Grant Wire Transfer Request Form

  • Must be with wet-ink signature

4. ORIGINAL/PHYSICAL COPY of the BOARDING PASSES (going and returning)

5. ORIGINAL/PHYSICAL COPY of the OFFICIAL RECEIPTS of qualified expenses, which must be submitted to FDCP with proper description and translation (if applicable)



  1. Printed copy of all Post-Event Requirements

  2. Original/Physical copies of Boarding passes and all official receipts should be chronologically arranged

  3. Pasted to a clean A-4 size bond paper BEFORE submitting to the FDCP office

  4. Within thirty (30) days of the program’s conclusion.

    Kindly submit the Printed copy of all Post-Event Requirements and Original/Physical copies of boarding passes and all official receipts to the following address:

    FDCP Cinematheque Centre Manila
    855 T.M Kalaw St. Ermita Manila, Philippines 1000
    (The FDCP guards will receive it and bring it to the IFSAP Team.)


Qualified Expenses:

  1. Air travel

    a. Airfare

    b. Travel insurance

    c. International Terminal Fees (if applicable)

  2. Land travel

    a. In-city transportation

  3. Accommodations

  4. Meals

  5. Visa Application Fees

  6. Participation Fee (if applicable)

  1. The grantee shall submit all application requirements seven (7) days after receiving a confirmation from the international program organizers.

  2. The grantee shall render RETURN SERVICE. The IFSAP fund is a government fund. In the spirit of serving the community and the stakeholders of the audio-visual industry, we ask beneficiaries of our FDCP Programs to commit to rendering return service by participating in FDCP-led or FDCP-supported events, activities, or projects as a volunteer worker or professional, serving in the capacity of their field. The service must be rendered within two (2) years after the receipt of financial assistance from any of the FDCP programs and as stated in the agreement between the FDCP and the grantee.

    a) For IFSAP Standard, a grantee must render one (1) return service in any FDCP-led programs within two (2) years that the contract is enforced.

    b) For IFSAP Partners, a grantee must render two (2) return service in any FDCP-led programs within two (2) years that the contract is enforced.

  3. The grantee shall use the grant as counterpart to the international program attended and use it for qualified expenses (refer to annex VI)

  4. The grantee must properly acknowledge the support of FDCP in any relevant documents but not limited to e.g dossier, promotional materials, trailers, teasers, and posters, press releases et al and the FDCP logo shall be visible in all promotional materials. The council’s name shall be correctly spelled out by the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

  5. The grantee must submit a terminal performance report and all post-event requirements within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the program herein referred to as “FD-IFSAP No. 2 or the Post-Event Report Form & FD-IFSAP No. 3 or the Accounting & Liquidation Report & FD-IFSAP Form No. 4 - IFSAP Grant Wire Transfer Request Form.”

  1. Approval of the grant may be forfeited once an agreement is not furnished through a Memorandum of Agreement;

  2. The grant shall be released upon proper submission of Post-Program Requirements;

  3. Following the auditing rules of the Commission on Audit (COA), the grant shall be released via reimbursement;

  4. The grant shall not in any manner be transferable to other civilians;

  5. For grantees under IFSAP Partners, grant release shall come on a case-to-case basis.

    a) Direct Payment to the partnered lab/festival

    b) In tranches

The FDCP will issue a clearance certification upon submission of ALL of the requirements. Failure to do so will prohibit the proponent from applying again to IFSAP and other FDCP types of financial assistance programs for at least two (2) years and upon the discretion of the Technical Committee


For inquiries, Please Contact:

855 TM. Kalaw Street, Ermita, 
Manila, Philippines -1000

[email protected]