Now on its 7th edition, the FDCP Sine Kabataan Short Film Lab and Festival is a platform for the Filipino youth to showcase their unique perspective on societal issues through film. It aims to foster the creativity of young filmmakers and support the development and production of their films. 

Sine Kabataan is accepting story concepts from Filipino filmmakers aged 18-30 years old who have produced at least one (1) short film. Chosen finalists will receive PHP 150,000 production grant.

To apply, fill out the application form at and submit all requirements to [email protected] with the subject “Application for Sine Kabataan 2024”.


  1. The competition is open to all young filmmakers of ages 18 to 30 years old and must have produced at least one short film.

  2. The applicants may submit concepts that depict the youth’s perception of the following issues:

  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • HIV/Aids
  • Mental Health
  • Adolescent disability
  • Youth in conflict with the laws
  • Youth in conflicted areas
  • Youth in peace-building
  • Digital or Online safety
  • Out-of-school youth
  • Bullying
  • Lack of access to education
  • Violence against children
  • Abandonment
  • Effects of migration
  1. Twenty (20) concepts will be shortlisted and will undergo film pitching with the Sine Kabataan Selection Committee. From the film pitch, ten (10) projects will be chosen as finalists and will be selected for development and production. The chosen finalists will be given the grant to produce Sine Kabataan Short Film.

  2. Films can be live action, animated, documentary or experimental.

  3. The completed film must have a total running time of at least seven (7) to twenty (20) minutes, including the opening and closing credits.

  4. The completed film output will have its premiere during the Philippine Film Industry Month in September 2023.

  5. The rights to completed film output will belong to the proponent. However, the Film Development Council of the Philippines reserves the right to screen entries in various cultural and non-commercial events and platforms.

  6. The use of original or adapting literary sources, music materials, artwork, photography, etc. must have proper clearance from their respective copyright owners before they can be used in the final output. The Festival organizers shall not be liable for any costs related to claims of performing rights organizations.

  7. By entering the Festival, the participants agree to abide by the Festival guidelines and rules. The FDCP shall be indemnified of any liabilities. 

  8. In case of any violation of the guidelines and rules, the organizers and the judging Committee reserves the right to disqualify the participant and their film or remove them from the program.

  9. The organizers and the selection committee reserves the right to disqualify any participant and/or to forfeit any prize from a participant who is found to have committed plagiarism or has undertaken fraudulent practice and/or activities harmful to the Festival or the Festival submission process.

  10. FDCP reserves the right to create, revoke, and modify at any time, in any way its entry requirements, rules and regulations at its absolute discretion without prior notice. Finalists and submitted entries shall be bound by any amendments or addition to the entry requirements, rules and regulations herewith.

  11. The decision of the Selection Committee is final and irrevocable. The organizers and the selection committee are not obliged to give an explanation for the results.


The following requirements must be submitted online in an organized google drive folder with shared viewing settings.

  1. DULY ACCOMPLISHED APPLICATION FORM with complete details (Complete name and contact details, Working Title, Synopsis, Director/Scriptwriter Intention’s Note, Concept, and Financial Plan)

    Application form can be downloaded via this link: Sine Kabataan Application Form

  2. Online link to one (1) previously produced short film (if applicable). (Note: the online link must be set to private and the link and password must be uploaded via Vimeo or Google Drive).

  3. Brief resume, HD profile photo, and a copy of a government-issued ID of the filmmaker. 

  4. Story concept (in PDF) and/or script if available. 


Entries may be emailed to [email protected] with the subject heading: Application for Sine Kabataan 2024

Deadline for submission is until March 8, 2024

The FINALISTS are required to send two of their members and shall undergo intensive film labs under the supervision and guidance of mentors from the film industry that would help them to develop their skills in story development, editing, technicalities, and other elements of filmmaking to better translate their stories.

FILM LAB 1 : Story Development Lab

In the Story Development Lab, FDCP will be inviting directors and writers from the industry to equip the finalists with the necessary tools and information they need to create truthful and insightful narratives that will translate into inspiring films. The lab will have a talk and separate mentoring for each finalist. 

FILM LAB 2 : Pitching  Lab

This Lab focuses on how to perfectly pitch a project to different kinds of investors, which contents are the most adequate to present, what information you can’t leave out of your presentation and how to communicate your ideas and your project in the best possible way. After the lab, there will be a Pitching Session where all the shortlisted participants will pitch their projects to the Selection Committee. Ten (10) projects will be chosen as part of the Sine Kabataan Finalist.

FILM LAB 3 : Editing Lab

The editing lab is a one-on-one session with industry experts. The finalists will bring the rough cut of their films and will be criticised and mentored for the betterment of their project. The two-day workshop ensures that there is progress with the mentored projects. After this, they will be given ample time to polish their works and will be subject to submission in preparation for the screening and awards night.


This competition consists of TEN (10) chosen finalists and will be given a production grant of P100,000.00 each to produce at least 7 to 20 minutes short film and shall comply with all the administrative and auditing requirements as advised by the Sine Kab Secretariat. The grant will be given in two (2) tranches.


The completed film output will have its premiere during the Philippine Film Industry Month in September.


Aside from the production fund, incentive awards will be given to the finalist who best deserves the following:







- PHP 50,000.00

- PHP 40,000.00

- PHP 30,000.00

- PHP 20,000.00

- PHP 10,000.00