Unsung Sariling Bayani is a short film competition focused on the theme of lesser-known Filipino heroes. National Artist for Film and Broadcast, Kidlat Tahimik is the leading proponent of this cinematic movement for the youth, aiming to balance the influence of foreign superheroes from Marvel and DC in the Filipino youth’s mindset with a compelling engagement with the glorious stories of our very own heroes. 




  • Time limit: Minimum of five (5) minutes to a maximum of eight (8) minutes, including credits

  • Genre: Any, in live-action, documentary, or animation

  • Language: Preferably Filipino. English or any native language is allowed, provided that there are subtitles in Filipino. 

  • File format: Complete final cut and trailer must be submitted in 1080p, mp4 format, mixed in 5.1 audio format. 



Stories that depict the life, times, and achievements of Filipino heroes (documented and verifiable - local heroes).


Lesser-known Heroes from History

Your chosen hero must be ANY of the following:

1. Local heroes recognized by the local government or by the provincial government units.

2. Local heroes that have significant acts or noble contributions to the country or their own communities, such as, but not limited to:

  • An initiative that has contributed to achieving the nation’s freedom

  • An initiative that has helped an individual or community achieve a life of freedom, peace, and prosperity

  • An act that helped save the life of an individual, especially one that involves risk to physical comfort, social stature, or quality of life

  • A notable form of service that helped an individual or community in times of adversity

3. A significant figure that has made relevant contributions or has introduced a positive change in his/her field. 

These people must have appeared at least once in literature, such as reference books, newspapers, journals, etc. 

NOTE: Nationally recognized heroes who are not covered in the Festival are Jose Rizal; Andres Bonifacio; Emilio Aguinaldo; Apolinario Mabini; Marcelo H. del Pilar; Sultan Dipatuan Kudarat; Juan Luna; Melchora Aquino; Gabriela Silang; Lapu-Lapu; Antonio Luna; Gregorio Del Pilar, etc.



The competition is open to all Filipinos and will have the following categories: 

  • Youth Category - Junior & Senior High School (Public)
    Open to all public junior and senior high school students who are currently enrolled in the academic year 2020-2021(2nd semester) or academic year 2021-2022.

  • Youth Category - Junior & Senior High School (Private)
    Open to all private junior and senior high school students who are currently enrolled in the academic year 2020-2021 (2nd semester) or academic year 2021-2022. 

  • Adult Category, Ages 18 and above
    Open to all filmmakers from ages 18 and above.



For the Youth Categories (Public and Private):

  • Best Short Film - P30,000.00 + certificate each

  • Best Director - P20,000.00 + certificate each

  • Audience Choice Award - P10,000.00 + certificate each


For the Adult Category:

  • Best Short Film - P50,000.00 + certificate

  • Best Director - P30,000.00 + certificate

  • Audience Choice Award - P15,000.00 + certificate

The 21 non-winning finalists will be given consolation prizes of P5,000.00 each + certificates.

The winners and finalists will also get the chance to attend free training and workshops to be conducted by the FDCP after the competition.



The following must be submitted online in an organized google drive folder with shared viewing setting:


For the Youth Categories (Junior & Senior High Schools, Public and Private):

  • Duly accomplished Application Form which can be downloaded with the following links:

  • A secured direct link (either in Vimeo or Google Drive) to a high-resolution copy of the short film, available for download

  • Movie trailer, maximum of 90 seconds. (This may be included in the Vimeo or Google Drive link.)       

  • Poster design in JPEG format (27”x41”, 300dpi)

  • School ID, enrollment form, or any proof that the student is enrolled in the current academic year (2nd Semester of AY 2020-2021 or 1st Semester of AY 2021-2022)


For the Adult Category

  • Duly accomplished Application Form which can be downloaded here.

  • A secured direct link (either in Vimeo or Google Drive) to a high-resolution copy of the short film, available for download.  

  • Movie trailer, maximum of 90 seconds. (This may be included in the Vimeo or Google Drive link.)       

  • Poster design in JPEG format (27”x41”, 300dpi)

  • Resume with two (2) 2x2 photos

  • Copy of a government-issued ID

All requirements must be emailed to [email protected] with the subject



By entering the competition, the participants agree to abide by the competition guidelines and rules as follows:

  • The submitted films must meet the short film format as stated in the mechanics.

  • The submitted films must not have been released on any platform, festival, or event before submission.

  • Participants must submit complete and correct application requirements on or before the deadline of submissions. Films with incomplete requirements will not be accepted to apply. 

  • The use of original literary sources, music materials, artwork, photography, etc., in the films, must have proper clearance from their respective copyright owners. The competition organizers shall not be liable for any costs related to claims of performing rights organizations.

  • Any modification will not be allowed for final entries except the addition of necessary subtitles.

  • Revised or re-submitted films, whether using the same or a different title, are not eligible to apply.

  • The organizers shall not be required to return any submitted material.

  • In case of any violation of the guidelines and rules or if any participant is found to have committed plagiarism or has undertaken fraudulent practice and/or activities harmful to the competition event or the submission process, the organizers reserve the right to disqualify the participant and their film, remove them from the program, or forfeit any prize from a participant at any point in the competition.

  • The USB Selection Committee will determine ten (10) finalists from each of the three categories, totaling 30 finalists. 

  • The USB Jury will determine the winning films from the thirty (30) finalists. All entries will be judged based on the official criteria given. 

  • The thirty (30) finalists will be viewed by the USB Jury that will judge the films based on the same official criteria and will decide the winners of the competition.

  • FDCP shall have non-exclusive non-commercial rights to screen the films in schools and educational institutions, various public events, and platforms for educational and cultural purposes for free, for three (3) years after the last day of the competition.

  • FDCP reserves the right to create, revoke, and modify at any time, in any way its entry requirements, rules, and regulations at its absolute discretion without prior notice. Finalists and submitted entries shall be bound by any amendments or addition to the entry requirements, rules and regulations herewith.

  • The decision of the USB Jury is final and irrevocable. The organizers and the judging committee are not obliged to explain the results.



Entries must be submitted on or before 11:59 pm on October 29, 2021.


CREATIVITY AND STYLE Impactful composition of visuals and sound that effectively communicate the film’s story and objectives. 35%
RELEVANCE TO THE THEME Promotes deeper familiarity and love for our own heroes, their lives, and achievements for our country. 45%
PRODUCTION QUALITY Good, practical filmmaking with technical efficiency and cohesiveness. 20%
  TOTAL 100%



The 30 finalist films will be screened during the USB Online Film Festival via FDCP Channel on November 24-28, 2021.



An Award Ceremony will be held on November 30, 2021 (Tuesday).



All queries can be sent to [email protected] with the subject heading “Query: USB 2021.”