FDCP believes in the power of cinema to transport, entertain, and inform. We believe in the power of cinema to unify us around a common experience and its ability to stimulate intense feelings. Crying, laughing, and screaming together in the cinema is generally way more satisfying than what you feel at home alone on the couch, clutching the remote control, or fiddling with your phone.

Therefore, FDCP has created a campaign that will keep the support for cinema alive. As cinemas start to ease into the "new normal" new cinema protocols will be set in place, at first it may feel different and awkward but it is our duty as cinemagoers to abide by these rules. Hopeful for the day that we as a nation can once more enjoy films as a collective.


*Based on the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Memorandum Circular No. 21-38

  1. Limit capacity to 30% for all cinemas
    30 is the limit, as the capacity of cinemas will be reduced to 30%.

  2. Proper PPE for all employees
    Wear your shield! All cinemas must ensure adequate provision of personal protective equipment to all employees

  3. Disinfection of cinemas after every screening
    We are in the endgame. Cinemas will be disinfected after every screening.

  4. Safety Officers must be present
    Safety officers, assemble! 
    Health and Safety officers will be physically present at all times to ensure that the government-imposed limitations on venue/seating capacity are strictly followed.

  5. Proper ventilation & air filtration system in place
    Riddikulus! To prevent the possible transmission of the virus inside cinemas, proper ventilation and air filtration systems should be in place. 

  6. Staggered movie schedule
    Give movies space and time! Films will have staggered start times to reduce crowds in lobby, concession stands, and queuing areas.

  7. Frequent hand-washing
    Wash it away, peeps! Hand hygiene and sanitation facilities and supplies will be installed.

  8. Entry and Exit points
    Move in, move out! Observe separate entry and exit points in high traffic areas that will be designated

  9. Contactless payment is encouraged
    Let’s go DIGITAL! Use digital tools to enable establishments to receive payments via cashless modes and to operate on a by-appointment or reservation basis to adhere to venue capacity requirements.

  10. Upon entry at movie houses
    To temperatures, health declarations, vax ids, and beyond! Upon entry, your temperature will be checked. Those with symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 cases, regardless of vaccination status, shall not be allowed entry. For Vaccinated citizens, vaccination ID is required when purchasing your movie tix.

  11. Staggered seating arrangement will be strictly implemented
    Keep your friends close, but not inside the cinema! A one (1) meter distance is required in all directions.

*Based on the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Memorandum Circular No. 21-38

  1. Wear a mask at all times
    May your mask be with you! Wear it at all times. 

  2. No shields for a better view
    Put that face shield down! Cinemas allowed face shields to be removed temporarily during the screening proper.

  3. No eating inside
    Food can’t wait but for now, it SHOULD! Food shall only be consumed in designated eating areas, subject to the sector-specific protocols for food preparation establishments.

  4. Drinking water is allowed
    Drink your water peeps! In consideration of possible emergencies and other health risks, allow drinking water to be consumed inside cinemas.

  5. Audience must also observe the following:
    Y’all should know this!

    • 1-meter physical distancing

    • Cough and sneeze etiquette

    • Proper hand hygiene and infection control

    • Proper use and disposal of Personal Protective Equipment

    • Throw out your own waste at designated bins as you leave the cinema 

    • Stay seated and keep conversations to a minimum for the duration of the show


All feedback and complaints from the general public may be coursed through the DTI  Consumer  Care  Hotline 1-384.

Reference: DTI Memorandum Circular 21-38, Series of 2021

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